Mother Blessings


Mother-Centered Baby Shower

Celebrating Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood

Blessingways Ceremonies focus on the holistic needs of the pregnant mom – tending to her body, mind, heart and spirit.  It’s an initiation into the circle of mothers; honoring the uniquely female rite of passage through birth into motherhood.

Blessingway rituals lead us to slow down, look inward, and embrace the life experiences we are passing through.  They give us the opportunity to honor and support the new mom during her journey through pregnancy and birth.  It is a way to say “goodbye” to the old (before baby) world and welcome the new (with baby) world.  The ceremony reminds us of the sacredness of birth and the value of trusting our own intuitive wisdom and the collective wisdom of women through the ages.  They unite women; giving them a sense of purposefulness that collectively brings joy, encouragement, inspiration, healing and empowerment.

These ceremonies can be combined with traditional baby showers or can be held separately as a special gathering honoring the new mom with her friends, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and daughters.

Each ceremony is tailored to the specific wishes of the new mom

Cost for designing and arranging a ceremony – $100

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