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A Three-Month Program

Designed to Jump-Start Your Fertility

In today’s world, the stresses of every day life can wreak havoc on a woman’s body making it an inhospitable environment in which to conceive.  Lifestyle choices, food

choices, work pressure and general every day stressors can create a barrier that makes getting pregnant harder and harder.

Add in the pressure of the timeline in which she hopes to get pregnant, not having the support of a fertility and birth coach to help a woman ready her body for conception can  be an uphill battle.

The best gift you can give is to empower yourself along with the support every woman needs to increase her chance to conceive.  Treat yourself to a Fertility Empowerment Package today!

Certificates are now available for:

Fertile Ground – the first step on your path to getting pregnant!

Package includes:

  • 3 Months of continuous fertility and wellness support
  • 1 hour private assessment session
  • 6 private phone consultations
  • The Fertile Ground digital workbook filled with all the tools, exact steps, exercises and recipes to jump-start any woman’s conception success
Month 1:
  • Developing a Pre-conception Plan
  • Charting
  • Lifestyle Enhancements
Month 2:
  • Medical and Health Issue Enhancements
  • Herbs and Dietary Support
Month 3:
  • Body Work – including Fertility Massage, Acupressure for Fertility, Yoga and Exercise for Fertility
  • Balanced Mind – visualization, meditation, stress reduction

BONUS GIFT  – The Daily Journal E-book –

75 Affirmations for Fertility and Conception

ONLY $297

After purchase you will be directed to a page enabling you to print the certificate complete with instructions for activating it.