Side Effects and Costs of Fertility Treatments-Optimize Natural Fertility First!

IVF should never be the first choice for fertility issues and should only be used once all has been done to address the underlying causes.  Optimizing reproductive health through natural means first is the most beneficial to mom and baby.

Technology, while it has its place, cannot prevent disease nor enhance one’s well-being and overall health.  Infertility treatments are no different.  There is a place for assisted reproductive technology and sometimes it is the only viable option.  You can actually do ART and natural methods to double your chances of success with ART.  Studies have shown that couples going through IVF are 47% more successful if they used pre-conceptual health care first.

Financial Costs of ART – In the US an average IVF cycle costs between $10,000 and $20,000.  Additional charges apply if you choose a donor, artificial insemination and freezing.  Health care usually does not cover the newer procedures.  For women over 40 IVF is up to 4 times less cost effective.

Health Risks of ART – IVF drugs have been shown to be dangerous for the health of mothers as well as babies and there is no clear evidence they increase a woman’s chances of conceiving.  There is a high risk of birth deformity and severe health problems associated with IVF births.  One study in 2005 showed 43 babies out of every thousand conceived using IVF techniques suffered from a variety of abnormalities including genetic deformities, brain disorders, developmental delays and genital malformations.

One study indicated significantly higher risks of long-term medical problems for children conceived via artificial means and advised that the children should be monitored well into adulthood – there is no long-term data available at this time about their health.

Studies show that there is:

  • 20% – 34% higher risk of miscarriage
  • 55% increased risk of pre-eclampsia
  • 155% increased risk of stillbirth
  • 170% – 200% increased risk of low birth rate

Another study conducted in 2007 showed children conceived through IVF visit hospitals more times than naturally conceived children.  It was stated that infections, respiratory ad inflammatory diseases and neurological disorders were more common among those born after IVF.

High unnatural does of artificial hormones play havoc with a woman’s body and mind which impacts their mental health.  They have a higher rate of depressive symptoms and major depression.  Couples become emotionally and physically broke after repeated IVF cycles.

After you’ve optimized your natural fertility which will make you healthier in the long run and increase your odds for conception, IVF may be a choice.  Using preconception health care with IVF minimizes all the risks to you and your baby’s health.



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