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What is a Certified Lactation Counselor?   birth doula

A CLC is a woman experienced and specially trained to help mothers and babies that are having difficulty nursing.  She answers questions and helps solve more complicated problems.


When do I need help?  birth doula

  • If you are having sore nipples.  Slight tenderness is normal at first, more pain than this or painful nipples coming after some time of painless nursing is not.
  • If your breasts are red, streaked, painful or you are running a fever with a tender breast.   birth doula
  • If your breasts are so full the baby can’t get on or you can’t seem to get much milk out.
  • If your baby has only rapid, shallow, nibblin type of sucking.  birth doula
  • If your baby is not gaining weight.
  • If baby falls asleep at the breast and wakes soon after, asking to nurse.
  • If baby is not nursing at least 2-3 hours and falls asleep at the breast and doesn’t wake.
  • If in the first three weeks baby is not having at least 3-4 $1-coin-size stools in a 24 hour period.
  • If baby still has dark green stools after 5 days of age.
  • If baby is having less than 5 good, wet diapers after 5 days of age.
  • If you were told to supplement and now you are using more formula than you would like, or the baby is starting to refuse the breast, or your baby is not tolerating the formula you started.   birth doula
  • If you have questions about your milk supply at any time during the first year.
  • If you or your baby are struggling with your return to work and breastfeeding.
  • If you have questions about breastfeeding while you are pregnant.
  • If you aren’t sure how to go about weaning.

 Don’t quit nursing your baby – ask someone for help!

What will the CLC do to help me?

  • I will find out everything I can about what is going on:  from how you are feeling, to how old the baby is, and what the trouble is, any history, asking lots of questions to clarify.  Reassurance and solutions will be offered to the problem.
  • If it can be answered in 10 – 15 minutes on the phone, a face-to-face meeting is probably not necessary.  But if it sounds like a latch-on or position problem, it is usually best if we talk in person.  I will come to your home or you can come to me and we spend on hour or so together.
  • I will look at how your baby is latching on, see how you are holding him/her, showing you some ways to do things to make nursing easier; teaching you breast care and review knowing how the baby is getting enough.
  • A follow-up will be scheduled to find out how you and your baby are doing.
Why ask for help?  birth doula

I know how confusing it can seem.  You only want to do what is best for your baby.  Moms worry.  I will help you sort it all out, get you pointed in the right direction and settle in with the knowledge you need to succeed.  It is such a rewarding experience to see a mom find her balance and become successful nursing her child.

While observing, I will look for the 12 S’s that are the keys to breastfeeding management:   birth doula

Skin to Skin
Infant State
Snuggle of Baby
Baby Motor Skill
Nipple Stretch
Mouth Space
Seal of Mouth and Breasts
Suck Rhythm
Sensory Comfort of Mother
Speed of Milk Removal
Satiety (Fullness)
Sufficient Stools

Here is a video produced by Gerber on breastfeeding.  Congratulations for choosing to nurture your baby and giving him/her the best start in life that you can.


Lactation Services – $45 first consultation; $25 follow up visits

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