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Are you a woman wondering how to get pregnant?  birth doula

Here is a simple chart comparing your options on how to get pregnant. Please contact me with any questions about the healthiest and most affordable way to get pregnant naturally.   birth doula

Method Cost Success Time Health Impacts
Natural $3-5K 70-90% 3-12 Months Less stress, Better Health, Healthier Child. Learn more…
IUI $3-10K 8-20% After 3 tries go to IVF Embryo abnormalities, Emotionally taxing, Invasive. Learn more…
IVF $15-30K 20-35% 2-3 Years Doubles risk of birth defects, Multiple babies, Kidney failure. Learn more…
Donor $30-60K 8-20% 1-3 Years Take on health history of donor, not genes of the parents. Learn more…
Surrogate $80K Varies 1-3 Years Not genes of the parents. Learn more…

My name is Lisa Cartier and I provide natural healthy fertility and doula support services for women from Albany to Saratoga Springs who want to know how to get pregnant and have a blissful child bearing experience.   birth doula

What is a doula? A doula is your personal assistant that helps with education, pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. Pregnancy and Birthing can be a fun easy process with the support of a Birth Doula.

My name is Lisa Cartier and I have been helping families from Albany, Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls make pregnancy and birthing one of the best experiences of their lives for over 15 years. I am here for you so please call me 518-307-9810, or read on to learn more about my birthing support services.  birth doula

Life Cycles in Balance is about support and care through all the cycles of life. 

Are you a woman who:  birth doula

  • Is considering having a child
  • Just starting your family
  • Has completed your family
  • Wondering what is next

Have you been struggling with fertility issues and want to find a better way to care for your  body and want to increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy?

Would you like to heal the mental, emotional and physical blocks that can stop you from realizing your dreams of motherhood?

Would you like to awaken your lost Feminine Magnetic energy which helps you become more nurturing during your pregnancy?

Would you like to learn to “let go” and relax, releasing the worries and tensions that are a part of challenging pregnancies?

Would you like to connect with your inner knowing, so you can find your strength and have the empowered birth you desire?

Have you had a traumatic birth experience and desire to have a more empowered birth  experience this time around?

If so, Life Cycles in Balance has programs and services to help guide and support you throughout each cycle of life.

How can I help and what will you gain by working with me?

  • By looking at the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of health and well-being, we will develop a plan of action that uniquely address your goals and desires.
  • You will gain a clearer understanding of just what is happening at every level and how to make the changes energetically and physically so you can achieve your goal – whether it is conception, an empowered birth or moving forward in your life.
  • Each session will be designed to bring you closer to your optimal level of well-being.
  • What you learn will guide you throughout every cycle of your life.
  • As you move forward, you will have new skills and a renewed sense of well-being; helping you to bring joy, happiness and balance into your daily life.
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